Dad Bod To God: Week 1 Recap

Dad Bod To God: Week 1 Recap

What a week it has been!

Who would have thought that preparing for your first bodybuilding contest would have been hard!? 

So for anyone who has been living under a rock for the past two weeks, here's a quick recap of what both Cam and myself have been up too...

  1. We have entered into our first ICN Bodybuilding competition in October.
  2. We started our diets and set our calorie allowance.
  3. We devised our epic training plan to make some gains.
  4. Mostly just banter in between these other three things haha.

So, week one is out of the way! And after the first week, we thought it was a sensible idea to check in with an Inbody Scan so that we could work out just exactly how fat (jacked) we both are...

The results you will see may shock you... Click the video below to see our results


So after those results, you could say that we may have been a little surprised... BUT all that means is that we've got more work to put in over the next few weeks!

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