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45 Day Challenge


Start whenever you like & Finish 45 Days Later! The 45 Days Starts Whenever you take your first progress picture!

 - Follow a Diet of your choice 
 -60 mins exercise a day minimum
 -4 Litres of water a day
 -progress photo every day (front and back)
 -NO Alcohol/ NO Drugs/ NO Cheat Meals 
 -NO Negativity towards yourself or others (if you need a confidence boost message us!) 
- Follow us on INSTAGRAM @vikingliftwear @jakevikinglw @yah_boy_cam
- Get at least 1 person you know involved in the 45 Day Challenge.

Day Plan; 
 -2 glasses of water first thing in the morning
 -20-40 minute walk OUTSIDE
 -Instagram Story Video or Photo every day stating; 
  -1 thing you're grateful for
  -1 thing you're going to kill (bad habit/insecurity)
  -1 thing that makes you amazing 
 -TAG VikingLiftwear so we can share it 
 -Progress Photo (you can keep this to yourself)
 -4 Litres of water throughout the day with clean food 
 -Evening workout/walk 
 -1 hour of reading a day (or 1 hour of personal development/ new skill of your choice eg; learning the guitar) 
 -1 thing a day that makes you feel good about yourself (cologne/do your hair/ wear something nice) 
 - Every week you MUST do something you are afraid of! Eg Ask that boy/girl out on a date! (This doesn't mean fight a grizzly bear.) You can start small and work your way up to it!

EVERY PERSON THAT COMPLETES THE 45 DAYS & FOLLOWS THE RULES WILL RECEIVE A FREE GIFT FROM VIKING LIFTWEAR. We will also choose one person who goes above & beyond to give the GRAND prize to! 

You have NOTHING to Lose and everything to GAIN!