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Welcome to Viking LiftWear,

Here at TEAM VIKING our mission is to transcend fashion, build confidence and produce a premium authentic brand of creative gym inspired elite-wear.

Our products are unique and designed to last the test of time, so when you invest in clothing manufactured by us, you know you are buying something that’s not only stylish, but also a piece of clothing that will be well-wearing and durable.

We aim to connect with our valued customer base and genuinely welcome all suggestions and feedback so to best meet your needs. Our company is growing rapidly, but as we grow we want to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction that we have worked so hard to establish from the outset.   

Here at Viking LiftWear we hold ourselves personally accountable for delivering on our promises and customer commitments.  We constantly strive to maintain the highest of standards by encompassing integrity, ethics and pride in every item of our clothing.

You are our valued customers and we will do everything in our power to ensure you are happy with the services and products we provide at all time.

Team Viking says:

“Our customers are our inspiration and we thank you for helping make Viking LiftWear a reality,”