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At 24 years old, Jake Gerasimchuk made a decision that would not only change his own life but he would risk everything he had to build a legacy he believed in.

Jake never wanted to be average, he would not fall into the shadow of others, he was built different.

Viking was founded in Australia, starting out of a lounge room in Rockingham, after being medically discharged after 6 years active service in the Navy. Jake quickly became aware that through bold advertising and a never die attitude, people were attracted to the designs and could understand his brand vision.

From the earliest stages of production, Jake only sourced the finest fabrics he could afford and provided around the clock customer service, wearing every single hat of the business for 2 years straight.

“Viking is for the everyday warrior, it is a premium male only fashion label, we are in no ones league, we aren’t even in the same sport, our demographic is the unbreakable. The ones who live life on their own terms. Every time you wear our clothing you are telling the world you cannot be broken.”

Viking is now a Global Giant in Men's Clothing, The Viking Staff were hand selected by Jake to ensure the name is always held to the highest regard.

We do not rise from the ashes. We make them.
We are the fire.